NYC Swift Stream


NYC Swift Stream is a privately-owned, historic railcar that has been updated to meet all modern safety and operating standards. It is fully certified for use anywhere on the Amtrak system, at speeds up to 110 mph.

The Swift Stream was built in 1949, part of an eleven-car order from the Budd Company in Philadelphia.  In the years following World War II, the New York Central Railroad was investing millions to renew its passenger car fleet. Older steel cars were rapidly giving way to lightweight, stainless steel streamliners such as the Swift Stream. The eleven car order from Budd was for a set of identical cars.  Each featured 6 double bedrooms, a buffet (kitchen), and a 22-seat lounge. The cars were known collectively as the stream-series sleeper/lounges; each one featured “Stream” as part of its name.

The Swift Stream served the New York Central for almost two decades following the car’s 1949 construction. The stream-series cars were assigned to many different NYC trains, including the New England States, the Ohio State Limited, the Southwestern Limited, and others. The Swift Stream outlasted the New York Central itself, going to the Penn Central in 1968, and then to Amtrak in 1971. Amtrak sold the car to a private owner around 1990 as part of a fleet reorganization.  In the early 1990’s the car was thoroughly modernized and updated for private and charter use. We purchased the car in 2006 from the first private owner, and have made additional improvements since then.

The Swift Stream today operates trips for friends and family, and is also available for charter.  Sometimes we also run trips that are open to the public.  Check out the latest news to learn about public trips.